About IDC

Owned and operated by Joey Hahn, Independent Dance Company (IDC) stands above the rest because it offers dance instruction on techniques that you cannot currently find in West Texas. Joey Hahn’s style is based on the latest trends in hip-hop, found not only in studio dance, but also in street dance. With his LA work experience as a professional dancer, Joey is taking West Texas hip-hop to a whole new level.  

IDC offers hip hop dance instruction, tumbling, and tricking to all genders, ages 4 and up, mainly targeting the 6-18 age group. Dancers have the option of participating in drop-in classes or joining The Dance Company at IDC.  Various hip hop styles such as popping, waving, break dancing, and krumping are taught by Joey and other guest instructors who are some of the industry's top choreographers, coming all the way from Los Angeles.

Joey Hahn has taught his choreography for several dance teams in West Texas over the last seven years.  Many of his teams have won national and world titles.  

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