Over ten years ago, Joey Hahn made a goal for himself that someday, he would be the owner of a dance studio that represents true hip hop culture with a family-like environment.  With this goal in mind, Joey Hahn found his way to Dallas, Texas and ultimately to Los Angeles, California, in search of inspiration and a more challenging level of dance.  During his journey, he discovered his natural ability to create his own style of dance, incorporating moves that originated from his own creativity.  It was this discovery that led to his current role of choreographer.


Joey’s ability to produce one-of-a-kind choreography allowed him to contract with various dance studios and gyms to coach their dance teams to first place at some of the most prestigious dance competitions.  Through his experience, Joey realized that West Texas did not provide a true hip hop dance studio similar to those that are available in bigger cities.  It was this realization that caused Joey to return home and offer his community a studio that raises the bar for hip hop dancers.  

On September 19, 2016, Joey Hahn opened the doors to Odessa's newest and only true hip hop studio in West Texas.